Fifth Hydrological Advisers Forum, RA IV - North America, Central America and the Caribbean

The 5ht Hydrological Advisers Forum for Regional Association IV - North America, Central America & the Caribbean, was held by videoconference on July 8th, 2022. The meeting was chaired by Mr José Alberto Zúñiga, Regional Hydrological Adviser, together with country's Hydrological Advisers, Permanent representatives and WMO Secretariat. 

The agenda was as follows:

1. Outputs of RA IV-HCP-02

2. Follow-up to HCP-4 Decisions:

   2.1 Consultation on the WIGOS identifiers for hydrological stations

   2.2 Activities in the WMO Plan of Action for Hydrology under lead regional responsibility

   2.3 Increasing the number of hydrological experts from RA IV in the WMO Expert Network

3. Regional Activities (Global Action Plan on Hydrology)

* Interpretation in Spanish and English will be available



Meeting report (esp)


5th HA Region IV Forum Presentation


Forum Photo

Group Photo RA IV HA Forum