The Fourth International Workshop on Tropical Cyclone Landfall Processes- IWTCLP-IV



Fourth International Workshop on Tropical Cyclones Landfall Processes


Macau, China , 5 -7 December 2017


TC Landfall Impacts: Transitioning from Observations and Modeling to  Greater Understanding and Better Forecasts

The IWTCLP series is part of the WMO major quadrennial symposia and workshops under the World Weather Research Programme (WWRP). This workshop is in response to the CAS guidance that WWRP, through focused research activities, work on improving the accuracy, lead time and utilization of weather prediction to advance society's ability to cope with high impact weather.

The fourth in the series, this workshop was organized by the WWRP/WGTMR’s Expert Team on Tropical Cyclone Processes chaired by Dr Robert Rogers (NOAA) in partnership with WMO’s Tropical Cyclone Programme.

The specific objectives of the workshop are:

a) To describe tropical cyclone landfall impacts and the required meteorological variables that must be observed, analyzed and predicted;

b) To describe present forecast capabilities for these meteorological variables and to establish the gaps of deficiencies in a prioritized list of forecast variables;

c) To describe national or international research programs that the WGTMR Tropical Cyclone Panel may be affiliated with that will address these forecast deficiencies; and

d) To improve understanding of the behaviour of land falling tropical cyclones.

This workshop provided a forum for researchers and forecasters to discuss recent advances and current issues related to tropical cyclone landfall processes and was also an effective means for forecast centres to highlight new developments in tropical cyclone forecast techniques.


  IWTCLP-4 Programme (including Powerpoint Presentations)



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