Third International Workshop on Satellite Analysis of Tropical Cyclones (IWSATC-3)

The main purpose of the IWSATC-3 is to increase the accuracy and reliability of satellite analysis of tropical cyclones through the sharing of the latest knowledge and technologies between the operational forecasters and the researchers in this area. The specific objectives of IWSATC-3 are to:
1) Describe the latest operational procedures of TC satellite analysis from participating RSMCs/TCWCs;
2) Share recent and emerging developments in satellite sensors and associated analysis techniques for TC applications;
3) Enhance the understanding and application of TC satellite analysis techniques and recommend strategies for ongoing training and engagement as new technologies and applications emerge.

This is a four-day workshop, 3h30 each day. On 7 and 10 December (day 1 and day 4): 0200-0530 UTC, and on 8 and 9 December (day 2 and day 3): 0000-0330 UTC.

  1. Tuesday 7,  0200-0530 UTC: Operational perspectives from TC warning centres (RSCMs, TCWCs and invited centres). This session will showcase how the different operational centres apply satellite information.
  2. Wednesday 8, 0000-0330 UTC: Update on satellites and sensors - current status and emerging
  3. Thursday 9, 0000-0330 UTC: Update on objective Satellite TC analysis methods
  4. Friday 10, 0200-0530 UTC: Best practice applications of satellite analysis techniques for operations using case studies

The presentations (PPT) are made available here. 
The recordings of each presentation (videos) are available on the WMO Vimeo site, here
The final report is available here or on the WMO E-Library here.