TV Weather Presenter Training Workshop, Viet Nam Meteorological and Hydrological Administration (VNMHA)

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To train the staff of the Vietnam National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting (NCHMF), Viet Nam Meteorology, Hydrology Administration (VNMHA) on TV weather presentation skills

Expected Outcomes

The participants will have the necessary skills to present weather forecasts and warnings on television and social media channels, in an informative, educational and entertaining manner


This workshop is part of the WMO CREWS-Canada sub-project on Impact-Based Forecast and warning (IBFWS) for South East Asia and Pacific Small Island States.  It is organized by VNMHA in collaboration with WMO and with the participation of experts from VTC14, the Met Office, UK and NHK World TV Tokyo.

Face-to-face training will be conducted in the TV Studio facility of the VNMHA recently provided through collaboration between CREWS, WMO and Met Office, UK. It follows a TV Studio equipment training conducted by Met Office UK in 2021.

Information to Participants

Workshop Training Materials  & Resources

The workshop training materials and other resources  are accessible through links provided in the Workshop Programme.

Workshop Format

This is  a hybrid workshop constituting of live sessions during which participants will attend practical sessions conducted by by trainers from VTC14 TV station in Viet Nam in the morning. In the afternoon, trainers from WMO, Met Office, UK, NHK World TV, Tokyo, Japan will join the training.  

WMO Certificates 

Participants will receive a WMO certificate of attendance for the Workshop.