UAS-DC Participants Meeting 3

This was a meeting of stakeholders and potential participants in the WMO UAS Demonstration Campaign.

Date 14 September 2022
Time 1400 to 1530 UTC (1600 to 1730 CEST, Geneva, Switzerland)

Mr Dean Lockett, WMO

Dr James Pinto, NCAR, USA

Dr Matthias Piot, Meteomatics

Dr Brian Argrow, University of Colorado

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Meeting Presentations & Recording

Meeting Recording

WMO Presentation

Meteomatics Presentation

University of Colorado Presentation

Chat questions with responses



Provisional Agenda

  1. Introduction
  2. Status & Progress of UAS Demonstration Campaign
  3. Participant Presentations
    1. Matthias Piot, Meteomatics
    2. Brian Argrow, University of Colorado
  4. Discussion on key campaign issues
    1. Data Provision
    2. Data policy & data use
    3. Airspace regulations and access
    4. Resourcing and funding
    5. Review of pre-meeting survey input
  5. White Paper on UAS
  6. Next meeting
    1. UAS Operator Forum
    2. UAS-DC Participants Meeting 4