WMO UAS Demonstration Campaign Kick-off Meeting

This is an open invitation to attend this online meeting of stakeholders and potential participants in the WMO UAS Demonstration Campaign.

Date 19 January, 2021
Time 1400 to 1530 UTC

Dr Anthony Rea, WMO

Dr Debbie O'Sullivan, Met Office, UK

Dr James Pinto, NCAR, USA

Contact Mr Dean Lockett - dlockett@wmo.int
Presentation & Recording

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Provisional Agenda

  1. Welcome and Introduction to WMO
  2. UAS-DC Description
    • Background to UAS Demonstration Campaign
    • Aims, Outputs, Outcomes
    • Scope
    • Expected participants
    • Requirements of participants
  3. Questions and Discussion on Key topics
    • Global versus regional
    • Optimising coverage - spatially and temporally
    • Duration, timing, etc
    • Data quality requirements
    • Required physical variables
    • National level partnerships
    • Funding, resources for participation
    • Interest in joining Scoping Planning and Organising Committee
  4. Close