Aviation | News | 2024-04-19 | Announcement and call for abstracts for the Aeronautical Meteorology Scientific Conference 2024 (AeroMetSci-2024)

WMO is pleased to announce that the Commission for Weather, Climate, Hydrological, Marine and Related Environmental Services and Applications (SERCOM) is organizing the Aeronautical Meteorology Scientific Conference 2024 (AeroMetSci-2024). The conference will be held at the WMO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, from 21 to 25 October 2024. 

The theme of the conference is: “Aviation, weather and climate: scientific research and development for enhanced aeronautical meteorological services in a changing climate”.

The main objective of the conference is to showcase scientific and technological advances in meteorological observations and forecasts, expand focus on the integration of meteorological information decision support services into the global air traffic management system, and examine further the impacts of climate change and variability on aviation. 

An official announcement and call for abstracts was sent out on 18 April 2024: 
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Further information about the conference, including the concept note, can be found on the conference website.