COP28 Side event: Global Energy Interconnection and Energy Transition

Venue: WMO-IPCC-MERI-NCM Pavilion and Virtual

Global Energy Interconnection and Energy Transition

(Tuesday, 6 December, 10:15-11:15, UTC+4)



Climate change is a major challenge confronting all countries worldwide. To tackle this issue, transitioning towards a low-carbon energy system and promoting carbon neutrality emerge as pivotal measures. Achieving global carbon neutrality is an intricate and demanding endeavor, requiring comprehensive and systematic actions. With the aim of advancing global carbon neutrality, this thematic event will discuss and explore new ideas, mechanisms, pathways, solutions, and benefits associated with fostering an inclusive, equitable, and resilient global energy transition through global energy interconnection. The event endeavors to provide valuable insights for relevant international organizations and national governments to promote energy transition, and show by example to motivate enterprises and institutions to actively participate in global emission reduction efforts.

GEIDCO, in collaboration with WMO, proposes to discuss and foster an inclusive, equitable, and resilient global energy transition through global energy interconnection.


Lead/Co-lead organizations:




WMO YouTube Channel



Keynote Speeches

Moderator: Dr. Hongyu Lin, Director General of Cooperation Bureau of GEIDCO



  1. Mr. Xuan Wu, Secretary General of GEIDCO
  2. Mr. Bi Baogui, Deputy Director General of China Meteorological Administration
  3. Prof. Pan Jiahua, Member of Independent Group of Scientists (IGS) of the UN 2023 Global Sustainable Development Report, Academician member of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
  4. Mr. Jaideep S. Sandhu, CEET Speaker and  Chief Technology Officer, Renewables Global Business Unit, ENGIE SA

Panel Discussion

Moderator: Ms. Roberta Boscolo, Climate and Energy Lead, World Meteorological Organization WMO



  1. Mr. Kristian Ruby, Secretary General of Eurelectric
  2. Mr. Eddie Rich, Chief Executive of International Hydropower Association (IHA)
  3. Dr. Jinyu Xiao, Vice President of Economic and Technique Research Institute of GEIDCO
  4. Mr. Roland Roesch, Director of Innovation and Technology Center at International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
  5. Chris Gentle, Senior Advisor for New Business Ventures of World Energy Council