Operational planning

Implementation of the Strategic Plan is facilitated by the WMO Operating Plan 2020-2023 which reflects the results chain towards strategic objectives and long-term goals and provides details on:

  • Focus Areas / Outcomes
  • Performance Indicators
  • Outputs
  • Milestones
  • Activities

The Annual Operating Plan 2022 provides further details on these elements. 

These elements are expected to contribute to achieving the long-term results defined in the WMO Strategic Plan, with the resources provided under the WMO Results-based Budget – Maximum expenditure approved by Congress, and the in-kind support of technical commissions and regional associations.

For each strategic objective, regional aspects and priorities are highlighted based on the WMO Monitoring and Evaluation system, data collected through the Country Profile Database, and information provided by regions. Risks and mitigation measures are also defined for each Strategic Objective.


The Results Framework




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