RA IV Focal Point for Satellite Data Requirements


Dr Marcial Garbanzo - Focal point- ( Costa Rica )

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Regional Association IV Focal Point for Satellite Data Requirements (RA IV FP-SDR)
Terms of Reference:
The RA IV FP-SDR shall be responsible for the following:
1. Coordinate the development of a Regional Roadmap for SDR, articulating coordination actions with the RA-III-IV-SDR and the RA IV committees, panels, expert teams and focal points at the regional and national levels. The roadmap should be framed by regional priorities, recognizing current major projects and considering available and emerging resources (including projects under implementation) to deliver on SDR.
2. Prepare, in coordination with the RA III-IV SDR Coordination Group (RA-III-IV-SDR), a SDR Work Plan guided by WMO approaches to Space and SDR, ensuring its alignment with the implementation work plans of RA IV committees, panels, expert teams and focal points.
3. Organize at least two regional webinars annually with the support of the WMO Office for North America, Central America and the Caribbean, with an extended participation of universities, research centres, etc.
4. Review, on a regular basis, the activities of other [Canada] RA IV committees, panels, expert teams and focal points, as well as relevant [Canada] WMO inter-regional and global programme activities and roadmaps, in order to identify those that are relevant to SDR in RA IV for coordination, collaboration and/or implementation.
5. Advise the RA IV MG on the development of the WMO Space Programme in the Region (specifically on SDR) for support from RA IV.
6. Participate in relevant SDR meetings and make recommendations in line with RA IV views on action priorities, specific tasks and associated deliverables, to leverage relevant activities in support of the implementation of WMO and regional space and SDR-related programmes. Submit these recommendations for the consideration and approval by the RA IV MG.
7. Follow up on the activities of the WMO Space Programme (specifically its component of availability and use of satellite data and products) to ensure the timely consideration of related activities, needs or recommendations from the RA IV perspective. Coordinate the alignment of SDR activities in the region with the key areas developed by the WMO Space Programme, considering identified regional priorities and current major SDR initiatives.
8. Assure the establishment of a coordination mechanism with WMO Regional Centres, including new approaches for collaboration with universities, donors, and research institutions.

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