RA IV News in MeteoWorld


September - Sustainability of Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems in Latin America

June - Progress on Climate Services in WMO Region IV: Sharing good practices

June - Progress in the Implementation of Impact-Based Forecasting (IBF): The experience of El Salvador

June - Implementation of Community-based Approaches to Flood Management

March - Improving Marine Services in Small Island Developing States

March - WMO Marine Services Course

March - Strengthening the Delivery of Global and Regional Climate Services



December - Implementation of WMO Regional Reform in North America, Central America and the Caribbean

December - Improving Ocean Services to increase Climate Resilience

December - Strengthening of Severe Weather Forecasting Capabilities in Eastern Caribbean

October - CREWS Caribbean Develops Legal Basis for Meteorology

August - First Report on the State of the Climate in Latin America and the Caribbean

May - Symposium on Lightning and Lightning Safety Awareness

May - Aircraft-based Observations Introduction Session for RA IV

April - Action-oriented decisions to increase proactivity and efficiency in the WMO RA IV



December - WMO former President David Grimes Appointed to the Order of Canada

June - Candidates for Centennial Station recognition



December - Nomination of WMO Experts by Permanent Representatives now facilitated through online system

June - First Hydrological Assembly Held

June - WMO elects new President and members of the Executive Council

March - Visit to the White House

March - The Coastal Inundation Forecasting Demonstration Project