WHOS Portals

Currently, WHOS makes available three data portals allowing users to easily leverage common WHOS functionalities such as data discovery and data access, webon the web by means of common web browsers. For more information on WHOS data and available tools, please refer to the Section WHOS web services and supported tools.

hand  WHOS-Global Portal

WHOS-Global Portal provides all hydrometeorological data shared through WHOS. WHOS-Global Portal is implemented using the Water Data Explorer application.


hand  WHOS-Arctic Portal

WHOS-Arctic Portal provides hydrometeorological data shared by Canada, Finland, Denmark (for Greenland), Iceland, Norway, Russia and the United States of America for the Arctic-HYCOS Basic Network of Hydrological Stations (BNHS). WHOS-Arctic Portal is implemented using ArcGIS Online for the map interface and USGS GWIS (Graphing Water Information System) for the time-series plots.


hand  WHOS-Plata Portal

WHOS-Plata Portal provides hydrometeorological data collected in the La Plata river basin and shared by Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. WHOS-Plata Portal is implemented using the Water Data Explorer application.