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Public Weather Services Focal Points

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The PWS Focal Point, under the direction of the Permanent Representative, will provide linkages between NMHSs and the WMO Secretariat and especially assist the Secretariat with all the aspects of the implementation of PWS programme and activities within their respective NMHS. In so doing, the Focal Point will:

1. Take responsibility to ensure that the guidance material produced on PWS by the WMO Secretariat reach the staff responsible for service delivery within the NMHS; take appropriate action for the implementation of the principles, methodologies and best practices contained in the guidelines and; report on the application of the information and guidance contained in the guidelines.

2. Prepare reports upon request by WMO Secretariat on the effectiveness and application of knowledge and skills by staff nominated to attend WMO training events on service delivery to the public and other users, upon completion of such events.

3. Keep under review the implementation of the PWS Strategy available at
http://www. wmo.int/pages/prog/amp/pwsp/documents/Publ icWeatherServicesStrategy. pdf and the WMO Strategy on Service Delivery as approved by the Sixteenth World Meteorological Congress (Cg­XVI) (Geneva,16 May to 3 June 2011)and prepare reports as requested by the secretariat.

4. Keep under review and provide information to the secretariat, upon request, on collaboration with key users of PWS.

5. Participate fully in any future WMO surveys.

6. Work closely with, and support the WMO Regional Association PWS Rapporteur of the respective WMO Regional Association.

7. Perform any other tasks the Focal Point may be requested to do for the implementation and enhancement of PWS within the NMHS.