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National Focal Points for OSCAR/Surface

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(a) Liaise with the National WIGOS FP in the country/territory to ensure that all the operators of the relevant observing systems in the country/territory are aware of OSCAR and ready to make the required metadata routinely available to OSCAR;
(b) Coordinate user account creation in OSCAR for the people accredited, to manage within OSCAR the relevant metadata from the country/territory;
(c) Promulgate the WMO Technical Regulations relevant to OSCAR, as well as the guidance and training materials for an adequate use of OSCAR;
(d) Make all efforts to ensure that all accredited users of OSCAR are well trained to make the right use of the editing tools available in OSCAR;
(e) Promote, in collaboration with the WMO Secretariat and in compliance with the required standards, the use of automatic, or semi-automatic, machine-to-machine transfer of information for insertion/updates of metadata within OSCAR, from the relevant observing systems of the Member country/territory;
(f) Work closely with the established Regional WIGOS Centre (RWC) of the region/sub region;
(g) Upon request, provide the Secretariat and the RWC with an overview of the country/territory WIGOS metadata status in OSCAR;
(h) Take, without any delay, actions in order to correct any erroneous and/or missing metadata identified in OSCAR, regarding the Member country/territory observing systems;
(i) Collaborate with the relevant WMO working bodies and the Secretariat to perform the critical review and gap analysis at national and regional levels, using the OSCAR/Analysis tool.