Expert Team on WIGOS Tools (ET-WT)

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Terms of Reference

1. To oversee the operational performance of the various WIGOS tools, currently, OSCAR/Surface (hosted and operated by MeteoSwiss), WDQMS-Webtool (hosted and operated by ECMWF) and Incident Management System (prototype provided by ECMWF);
2. To contribute to the revision and update of the regulatory and guidance material related to the WIGOS tools, including their users’ manuals;
3. To coordinate closely with the SCs/ETs relevant to the WIGOS Tools, namely the SC/ET in charge of the development and implementation of WIGOS and WIS metadata, the SC/ET in charge of the WIS monitoring and others;
4. To review the functionalities and interoperability of the WIGOS Tools and to advise on possible improvements and their level of priority, based on users’ feedback collected from the various communities;
5. To advise on the integration of the various WIGOS observing components into the WIGOS Tools;
6. To provide guidance on the development of new WIGOS tools and/or additional features/modules of the WIGOS Tools and contribute to develop their requirements and priorities;
7. To oversee and support the further development of Capacity development on the WIGOS tools;
8. To liaise with the activities of the Regional WIGOS Centres and their needs in relation to the operational use of the WIGOS tools;
9. To liaise with the other WIGOS Operational Plan (WOP, 2020-2023) activities, in particular those related to the Global Basic Observing Network (GBON), the WIGOS Station Identifiers (WSI).

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