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National Focal Points for WIGOS

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WIGOS National Focal Points shall:
(a) Take, on behalf of their respective Permanent Representative, the lead in communications on WIGOS with the WMO Secretariat (WIGOS Project Office and WMO Regional Office) and the WIGOS related constituent bodies of the respective Region;
(b) Monitor and report on the status of the national WIGOS implementation, taking into account guidance from ICG-WIGOS and the WIGOS Project Office of the WMO Secretariat;
(c) Report to the WIGOS Project Office on issues and challenges that might impact the implementation of WIGOS in the country and seek its advice;
(d) Identify and follow-up on WIGOS-related training and capacity development needs;
(e) Participate in relevant WMO meetings in the capacity of a national “Rapporteur”, as required.