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Terms of Reference

The Research Board shall:
(a) Frame critical and technological priorities that WMO and its partners should focus on,
(b) Guide the implementation of WMO (sponsored and co-sponsored) research programmes and act as the primary point of contact related to weather, climate, water and related environmental research aspects in WMO,
(c) Ensure close coordination and cooperation between the WMO (sponsored and co- sponsored) research programmes, maintaining an optimal balance between weather, climate, water, ocean and environmental research initiatives and promote the synergies among such initiatives,
(d) Ensure that the research programmes are implemented according to agreed implementation plans and that such plans are considering future technological and scientific challenges,
(e) Convene a “WMO Science Forum”, composed of researchers involved in steering, coordination and implementation of WMO research programs, and stimulate and facilitate active interactions across the members of the Forum, as well as the role of the Forum as a broad interdisciplinary sounding board for Research Board deliberations and activities,
(f) Coordinate and oversee the interactions with the Services Commission and the Infrastructure Commission concerning innovation and research-to-operation,
(g) Foster, coordinate and oversee WMO global and regional, and when relevant national, research and research-to-operation activities to innovate Member service delivery capacity, with emphasis on strengthening research capabilities in less developed countries and SIDS,
(h) Maintain and coordinate a rolling review of requirement process concerning innovation and research-to-operation needs coordinating with regional associations,
(i) Establish effective coordination with national and international funding agencies, as appropriate,
(j) Apply a system for recognition of achievements and the participation of young professionals, and actively stimulate capacity building and inclusion of young professionals for least developed countries and SIDS.

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