Dr ABDERRAZAK ARIF - Focal point - ( Tunisia )
Ms Ana Carvalho - Focal point - ( Sweden )
Dr CHEW, Boon Ning - Focal point - ( Singapore )
Dr Osvaldo CUESTA SANTOS - Focal point - ( Cuba )
Dr Cihan DUNDAR - Focal point - ( Türkiye )
Adela HOLUBOVA - Focal point - ( Czech Republic )
Dr Yasser Khalaf - Focal point - ( Saudi Arabia )
Dr Jeong Eun KIM - Focal point - ( Republic of Korea )
Mr Abdulkarem Masshi - Focal Point - second - ( Saudi Arabia )
Mr Velimir Milic - Focal point - ( Croatia )
Ms Marijana MUROVEC - Focal point - ( Slovenia )
Mr Harish PRATAP - Focal point - ( Fiji )
Azizur Rahman - Focal point - ( Bangladesh )
Mr Ali SHAREEF - Focal point - ( Maldives )
Dr Kouakou Firmin YA - Focal point - ( Côte d'Ivoire )
Prof. ZHANG, Xiaoye - Focal point - ( China )

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Terms of Reference

The National Focal Point for GAW is to be appointed by a Permanent Representative of a country with WMO to support the implementation of the Global Atmosphere Watch Programme in their country or territory and serve as a focal point on technical and operational matters related to GAW. The National Focal Point has the following Terms of Reference:

• Keep abreast with the work of the GAW Programme within their country or territory and have a good knowledge of national institutions working on atmospheric composition in the country,
• Provide information on GAW relative activities to the Permanent Representative with WMO,
• Serve as a contact point for enquires related to the National GAW activities from the WMO Secretariat and other interested bodies,
• Assist with the search of national experts in atmospheric composition for relevant bodies of WMO,
• Keep a register of all GAW observing stations on the national territory,
• Serve as National Focal Point for GAWSIS-OSCAR/surface (be registered in OSCAR with the role of “GAW National Focal Point”) for the atmospheric composition network, which includes:
1. Revision of GAW stations metadata in GAWSIS-OSCAR/surface,
2. Creation of additional Station Contacts, including for the purposes of registration of new stations upon request of the Station Principal Investigator, and updating existing Station Contacts for the stations under their national responsibility. A Station Contact is authorized to edit information for the station(s) under his/her responsibility. A returning Station Contact could create new stations (for international networks, such contacts should be added by the Network Focal Point),
3. Issue WIGOS station identifiers for the new stations in national territory,
4. Carry out an annual evaluation of stations’ information of the network under their national responsibility.

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