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National Focal Point for WDQMS

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NFP for WDQMS will: 1. Liaise with the OSCAR/Surface NFP in the country/territory to ensure that metadata from all stations exchanging data internationally are available and updated in OSCAR/Surface; 2. Provide timely answers to all queries and tickets sent by the respective RWC related to issues and incidents with observations from the country/territory; 3. Initiate and coordinate actions that need to be performed at a national level, related to issues and incidents with observations from the country/territory, in order to solve them as quickly as possible; 4. Promulgate nationally the WDQMS related practices and procedures specified in the WMO technical regulations, with support of any related guidance and training material; 5. Follow all the procedures agreed at a regional/sub-regional level in the context of the respective RWC; 6. Liaise with other relevant WMO Regional Centres of the Region, particularly with Regional Instrument Centres and Regional Training Centres, as appropriate to find sustainable solutions for the issues and incidents identified by the WDQMS.