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RA VI Task Team on Aircraft-based Observations

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Terms of Reference

Take the overall responsibility to determine the consolidated requirements for AMDAR data under the IATA-WMO Collaboration on AMDAR that are targeted for implementation and operation by January 2020;

In collaboration with Regional Members and the CBS ET-ABO, develop a regional implementation plan for aircraft-based observations and AMDAR as a component of the Regional WIGOS Implementation Plan;

Collaborate with regional airlines and national civil aviation authorities on the establishment of programs to deliver aircraft-based observations on the WMO GTS;

Assist designated regional centres in the process of developing and maintaining data processing and quality monitoring systems for ABO;

Undertake and assist in technical training, workshops, promotion and outreach on ABO, targeting both Regional Members and the Aviation Transport Industry;

Consult with data users and applications areas to determine and promote regional requirements for ABO;

Coordinate activities and oversight the operation of the Region VI AMDAR Programme under the IATA-WMO Collaboration on AMDAR.
In particular, consolidate and maintain annually,
1) regional requirements for AMDAR data provision, and
2) regional developmental and operational plans for the Region VI AMDAR Programme, to be resourced by RA Members;

Report to the RA VI MG and the WMO Secretariat on the progress.

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