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Regional Association VI (RA VI) has 50 Members including Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Europe, South Caucasus and Middle East. In addition there is one Member state (Kazakhstan) from RA II (Asia) with territorial involvement in RA VI (Europe). This composition leads to a wide diversity of territories and climatic zones, making it very complex. 


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Interviews on policy and technical aspects relevant to the work of WMO Regional Association VI


Monitoring and Evaluation

Regional Association VI - Structure, Involvement in Technical Commissions and Research Board  reflects the level of Member States engagement and representation in the WMO and regional bodies. 

Partnerships character ranges from comprehensive multi-year programmes, containing institutionalized cooperation procedure to more flexible work plans or specific activities, without a need to formalize the relationship. Click HERE to see the real-time overview of the RA VI Members needs to develop partnerships. 

Key Performance Indicators on the implementation of the WMO Strategic Plan 2020-2023, searchable by Region

Operational dashboard with Global and Regional Analysis  of Infrastructure and Services as well as Mandate and Strategic Plan of the WMO Member States feeds into the WMO and Regional Implementation Plan. 


Rules and Procedures

The rules of procedure for the regional associations have been adopted in accordance with Regulation 3 of the WMO General Regulations. Their goal is to ensure standardized procedural arrangements for all regional associations and their subsidiary bodies.


Meetings and Events

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Regional Offices

Visit the website of the WMO Regional Office for Europe here.