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RA VI Task Team on WIGOS

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To support the implementation of the Resolution 6 (RA VI-17) on WIGOS and other RA VI WIGOS related resolutions and decisions


In collaboration with WMO Standing Committee on Earth Observing Systems and Monitoring Networks, WMO Standing Committee on Measurements, Instrumentation and Traceability, other related global groups and regional teams, as well as interregional ICH CIS Working group on WIGOS,

Implement the Regional WIGOS Implementation Plan
Integrate WIGOS regional network components
Contribute to WIGOS regulatory material
Develop the regional WIGOS Data Quality Monitoring System
Support and assist in using the OSCAR
Assist in establishing and operation of Regional WIGOS Centers
Coordinate the capacity development activities in the Region, as needed
Evolve their regional networks according to the implementation plan for the evolution of global observing systems
Report to the RA VI WG on Infrastructure on the progress of the WIGOS implementation in the Region


An updated version of the WIGOS Regional Implementation Plan
Developed regional approach towards the implementing Global Basic Observing Network and the definition of the RAVI Regional Basic Observing Network
Plans to implement the necessary Regional WIGOS Centres capabilities including definition of subregional responsibilities
Communication and outreach material on WIGOS to promote the national actions

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