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RA VI Task Team on WIS

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Terms of Reference

Contribute to the implementation of WIS in the Region with the focus on the Resolution 12 (RA VI-17) and other RA VI WIS-related resolutions and decisions


In collaboration with WMO Standing Committee on Information Management and Technology, the regional and inter-regional entities of WMO and partner institutions (e.g. ITU, WG on Information and Telecommunication systems of the Interstate Council on Hydrometeorology of Commonwealth of Independent States, RA VI Task Team on WIGOS, the regional training centers, EUMETNET),

Review the worldwide development of the matters related to the Information Management and Technology and identify the aspects with regional implications, connecting the global and national level

Oversee the planning and implementation of the WMO Information System (WIS) in the Region, ensuring all Members benefit from WIS
Coordinate WIS audit schedules and on operational monitoring by GISCs
Monitor, and contribute to the WIS training and development activities
Coordinate information sharing about WIS 2.0 pilot projects and their outcomes keeping Members informed of WIS 2.0 progress
Review the role of Regional Telecommunications Hubs (RTHs) in the region, including operational, technical and capacity development aspects affecting the flow and quality assurance processes of operational information
Report to the RA VI WG on Infrastructure on the status of activities and plans

Initial timeframe is 2021-2022 till the implementation of the purpose
Mostly remotely, as often as needed with conduction of physical meetings or missions according to the work plan of the team

WIS 2.0 pilot projects
WIS training and development activities (optional)
Communication and outreach material on WIS 2.0

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