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La Reunion Global GAW station observation platforms
La Réunion, France, has been reclassified from a Regional to a Global GAW station. La Réunion station consists of three observational platforms across the island: STDENIS, GILLOT and MAIDO. The station is situated far away from the substantial anthropogenic pollution source in the south-west Indian
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Operational Newsletter on the World Weather Watch and Marine Meteorological Services Current News Updates - 2020 Contact: wis@wmo.int Adoption of amendments to the Manual on Codes (WMO No. 306) by the fast-track procedure In accordance with the "Procedures for Maintaining Manuals and Guides Managed
WMO has published the outcomes of a 2020 survey of aviation professionals on the impacts of climate change and variability on aviation operations and development. The survey was conducted by the WMO Services Commission (SERCOM) Standing Committee on Services for Aviation (SC-AVI) between January and
snapshot of Volume I.2
In accordance with the "Procedures for Maintaining Manuals and Guides Managed by the Commission for Basic Systems" (Resolution 21 (Cg-17)), the amendments to the Manual on Codes Volume I.2 and Volume I.3, by the fast-track procedure have been approved by the Expert Team on Data Standards and the
WIGOS Learning Portal
In support of all Members on the further development of WIGOS throughout its operational phase, WMO has just published the WIGOS Learning Portal, on the WMO Moodle platform. This portal is a merger of “OSCAR/Surface Resources Portal” and “WDQMS Resources Portal for Regional WIGOS Centres”, and it
IG3IS stakeholder consultation flyer
Registration is open for IG3IS stakeholder consultation, held online on 26 and 27 October 2020. In the race to carbon neutrality it is paramount to ensure that mitigation policies and investment are performing efficiently and abating emissions in the most effective manner, thus, monitoring of such
HydrologyConsultation Forum
We need your insights into: Consultation on gaps and activities for WMO action plan (Hydrology) forum is open until 27th October 2020 for your inputs. >> Join the forum
World Dobson Calibration Centre in Boulder
WMO can assist with lending refurbished and calibrated Dobson Spectrophotometer to an institution or organization which is interested in and capable of carrying out long-term total ozone daily observations in support of the Montreal Protocol and part of the Global Atmosphere Watch Programme of WMO
Earlier today, the 72nd Session of WMO's Executive Council approved, through Resolution 4.1(6)/1* (EC-72), an amendment to WMO Technical Regulations (WMO-No. 49), Volume II, Meteorological Service for International Air Navigation to align with Amendment 79 of ICAO Annex 3. * Provisional resolution
Earlier today, Mr Kent Johnson (Canada) was selected as the second vice-chair of WMO's Standing Committee on Services for Aviation (SC-AVI). Kent joins the chair of SC-AVI, Mr Ian Lisk (United Kingdom), and first vice-chair of SC-AVI, Ms Gaborekwe Khambule (South Africa), as the senior leadership