Res 40 - Annex IV

Annex IV to Resolution 40 (Cg-XII)

Definitions of terms in the practice and guidelines


Term Definition
Practice Specifications for the classification of, and the conditions attached to, the use of data and products exchanged among WMO Members.
Re-export Redistribute, physically or electronically, outside the receiving country or group of countries forming a single economic group, directly or through a third party.
For commercial purposes For recompense beyond the incremental cost of reproduction and delivery.
Commercial sector Governmental or non-governmental organizations or individuals operating for commercial purposes.
Meteorological and related data and products

Geophysical (meteorological, oceanographic, etc.) observational data and products developed from these data acquired and/or produced by Members to support WMO Programme requirements.

1. Meteorological and related data and products are considered to include climatological data and products.
2. Hydrological data and products, at this stage, are not included in the application of the practice.
3. Aeronautical information generated specifically to serve the needs of aviation and controlled under the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago, 1944) is not included in the application of the practice.

Free and unrestricted Non-discriminatory and without charge (Resolution 23 (EC-XLII)) — Guidelines on international aspects of provision of basic and special meteorological services. “Without charge”, in the context of this resolution means at no more than the cost of reproduction and delivery, without charge for the data and products themselves.
Research and education communities Researchers, teachers and students in academic and research institutions, in other research institutions within governmental and non-governmental organizations, and these institutions themselves, as provided for in national laws and regulations.