Community Platform

What is the Community Platform?

The WMO Community Platform is streamlining the way the weather, climate and water community interact and work together. The Platform's tools for cross-analysis and visualization of information is providing better insight into the work and needs of the community and greater participation for good governance. On this Community-driven digital Platform, WMO Members and Partners "own" and manage their content. The WMO Community Platform is yours, you must fill it with life.

The Platform is a set of web-based tools designed to bring greater efficiency to the way WMO works with its Members. Anyone can access the Platform. However, landing pages are different depending on a user’s role. For example, once their account is activated, WMO Permanent Representatives, nominated experts and WMO staff all login to get special access to WMO and country information, mechanisms to update their data, as well as tools to communicate with WMO Staff and other Members and partners. WMO Permanent Representatives, and others they designate as "Agency Approvers", have advanced features to enable them to manage national or organizational content and to help them benchmark national capabilities according to WMO standards and other Members.

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