WICAP Implementation Overview

The WICAP Implementation Plan (WICAP-IP) describes the strategy and plans associated with the development and implementation of the following key elements of the WICAP and their associated processes, as described in the Concept of Operations (see Key Documents):

  1. Legal Framework - Data policy, agreements between partners, etc.
  2. Programmatic Structure - Governing Board, Oversight Planning and Coordination Team , roles of partners, etc.
  3. Financial Framework - Resourcing structure in each WMO Region to support the operations of WICAP.
  4. Operational Structure - Operational structures and infrastructure in each WMO Region (6).

For each Region, it would be expected that there would consist of at least one year of development preceding the commencement of ongoing operations, with Region VI commencing development in 2020/21, followed by Regions III and V in 2021, Region I in 2022 and Regions II and IV in 2023.

It is recognized that the process of continuous improvement and gradual building of the observing system coverage will take considerably longer than this timeline and, at the end of the WICAP-IP, the framework for supporting this ongoing developmental process will have been established.

Plans and targets for the expansion of the program, including the recruitment of new partner airlines, will be determined by each Regional Association through the WICAP planning process.

Additionally, in some cases, Regional Associations may elect to take a more cautious approach to the establishment of the supporting regional WICAP framework through the initial implementation in “pilot” mode.