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Guidelines on Best Practices for Achieving User Readiness for New Meteorological Satellite (WMO-No. 1187)

Guidelines on Satellite Skills and Knowledge for Operational Meteorologists (SP-12)



Coordination Group on Satellite Data Requirements for RA III and RA IV (RA III-IV-SDR-Group)



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WMO-No. 8 (GIMO) - 2021 Edition

WMO-No. 8 (GIMO) - Provisional 2023 Edition

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Manual on GDPFS

Guide to GDPFS (*2023 edition will be available shortly)

List of publication can be found:

GDPFS ExtraNet

ERA ExtraNet

GDPFS Web Portal

GDPFS ExtraNet

ERA ExtraNet

Implementation status of GDPFS by Members (WMO Data Collection Campaign 2021)

WMO Unified Data Policy



WMO Guidelines on Emerging Data Issues

The WMO Unified Data Policy (Resolution 1 (Cg-Ext.(2021))) 


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