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Terms of Reference (Resolution 7 (EC-71))
The Panel will be responsible to the Executive Council through the Technical Coordination Committee and the Policy Advisory Committee. It will monitor the priorities of, and activities under, the WMO Strategic Plan, the WMO Capacity Development Strategy and WMO Gender Equality Policy, including institutional, infrastructural, procedural and human resources capacity development specifically:
(i) Identify policy-related gaps in the capacity of NMHSs to exchange data, to deliver adequate services, to comply with WMO Standards and recommended practices, bearing in mind the Geneva Declaration 2019,
(ii) Provide guidance and oversight regarding WMO efforts to strengthen assistance to the NMHSs of developing countries. Guidance could be along the lines enumerated in the annex to these Terms of Reference,
(iii) Review education and training policies, qualification and competency standards, Regional Training Centre assessments, and WMO Global Campus activities,
(iv) Identify training needs and give guidance on how to strengthen the capacity of training institutions, as well as recommend training activities to address gaps in formal
and continuing education,
(v) Oversee and guide the implementation of the tasks of the Executive Council according to Resolution 74 (Cg-18). In particular, ensure that WMO activities that support capacity development, including the Country Support Initiative and VCP, as well as WMO-related CREWS activities, are complementary and take into consideration the unique national context of Members.
(vi) Review and analyse gaps in the WMO Gender Equality Action Plan and provide guidance regarding WMO efforts in gender equality.
(vii) Provide reports and recommendations on WMO capacity development to the Policy Advisory and Technical Coordination Committees for consideration by the EC.
(viii) Take into account the work of the technical commissions and other subsidiary bodies of the Executive Council as it pertains to capacity development.

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