METAGRI OPERATIONAL Project (2012-2015) Roving Seminars - West Africa

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A Final Evaluation Meeting on the METAGRI project was held in Bamako, Mali from 26-30 September 2011. This meeting brought together representatives from all the 15 participating countries plus AEMET and WMO to discuss the results of the seminars and to provide guidance for a new project called METAGRI OPERATIONAL that improved the performance of the Roving Seminars as requested by the Conference of Directors of Western Africa NMHS and also envisaged new components as training, development of communications skills, feedback and evaluation tools and institutional strengthening. The new project started in 2012 and is expected to last until 2015. Funds for the project are provided by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Norwegian Government but there were also a substantial contributions from the Government of Greece and minor contributions from AEMET and WMO regular budget.

Rainguage Seminar in West Africa

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