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2020-2023 Key Performance Indicators

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What is Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)?

Monitoring and Evaluation are essential components of the WMO Results Based Management System. They constitute the tools for measuring performance in the timely implementation of the WMO Strategic Plan and Operating Plan. They also contribute to the identification of good practices and lessons learned which inform the next phase of the strategic planning cycle.

Definition of monitoring and evaluation


The M&E framework consists primarily of identifying indicators (measures) which can be feasibly and reliably tracked during the life of the strategy, and putting in place the necessary resources to be able to collect, analyze and report on that information. It also consists of establishing a plan for what will be reviewed and evaluated during the strategic cycle, and how. In this way, the M&E framework is the primary support to establishing accountability of the Organization regarding the implementation of the Strategic and Operating Plans.

Why is M&E important?

  • Helps improve performance and achieve results
  • Contributes to more informed decision-making
  • Promotes learning and shared knowledge creation
  • Ensures accountability


External Evaluation of the WMO Constituent Body Reform


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