RA IV Expert Team on Surface-based Observation Infrastructure and WICAP

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Regional Association IV Expert Team on Surface-based Observation Infrastructure and WICAP
Terms of Reference:
(1) Coordinate and support the development and implementation of the operational implementation plans of integrated observing and information systems of RA IV Members (specifically regarding the Regional Basic Observing Network (RBON), in accordance with the WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS) and the WMO Information System (WIS));
(2) Coordinate and oversee the integrated design of surface-based and WICAP observation and information systems of RA IV Members, in terms of standardization, interoperability, technology and data management practices, to access and provide high-quality, cost-effective and adequate services for identified users following regional and global guidelines;
(3) Oversee the promotion and implementation of strategies to strengthen the operational, technical, and infrastructure capacity of surface-based and WICAP integrated observing and information systems and data management practices in areas with least coverage and for the under-represented domains;
(4) Liaise with the corresponding Standing Committees and Study Groups of INFCOM, establish effective coordination with other WMO and RA IV subsidiary bodies, and the Regional WIGOS Centres (RWCs) on surface-based and WICAP issues;
(5) Encourage the application and compliance with WMO guidelines on calibration and traceability of instruments, data processing, and observation methods, to improve the certification of the surface-based and WICAP products and services of Members, in coordination with RA IV Regional Instrument Centres;
(6) Oversee the promotion, development and sustainable implementation of the regional plan of WIGOS and WIS, specifically on surface-based and WICAP matters;
(7) Identify the advanced education, research and professional training needs in the field of surface-based and WICAP information and communication technologies, and observation systems, in conjunction with the RA IV Regional Training Centres (RTCs);
(8) Promote technical solutions to support the engagement of the private sector in the elements of the value chain connected to surface-based and WICAP integrated information systems and observation of the Earth system;
(9) Provide the RA IV Infrastructure Committee with inputs for the development of a work plan for 2021–2023 that advances regional implementation of the surface-based and WICAP components of WIGOS and WIS, including proposals for the establishment of special teams and their mandates;
(10) Coordinate those regional activities on surface-based and WICAP issues aimed at enabling Members to improve their own predictive capabilities benefiting from the Global Data-processing and Forecasting System;
(11) Coordinate and oversee establishment of RBON, promoting its contribution to the Global Basic Observing Network;
(12) Promote the implementation of the regional Aircraft Meteorological DAta Relay based on the agreement between the International Air Transport Association and WMO, and other systems for acquiring meteorological data via aircraft;
(13) Coordinate regional activities in the field of radio frequencies, acting as liaison with the Expert Team on Radio Frequency Coordination of INFCOM and monitoring the related activities of the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission of the Organization of American States.

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