RA IV Hurricane Committee


Dr José Maria RUBIERA TORRES - Vice-chair - ( Cuba )
Mr Trevor BASDEN - Member - ( Bahamas )
Mr Sabu BEST - Member - ( Barbados )
Mr Ronald GORDON - Member - ( Belize )
Mr Stephen FOUGERE - Member - ( Canada )
Ms Diane CAMPBELL - Member - ( Canada )
Dr Celso PAZOS ALBERDI - Member - ( Cuba )
Mr Fitzroy PASCAL - Member - ( Dominica )
Ms Virginie SCHWARZ - Member - ( France )
Mr Marcelin ESTERLIN - Member - ( Haiti )
Mr Darío GARCĺA - Member - ( Honduras )
Mr Evan G. THOMPSON - Member - ( Jamaica )
Eng. Marcio BACA - Member - ( Nicaragua )
Mr André JOYEUX - Member - ( Saint Lucia )

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Terms of Reference

Regional Association IV Hurricane Committee
Terms of Reference:
(a) Coordinate tropical cyclone forecast and warning operational procedures;
(b) Review annually the Hurricane Operational Plan and the Technical Plan and Implementation Programme for North America, Central America and the Caribbean
and recommend any amendments to the president of the Association for approval;
(c) Make recommendations on improvements in facilities and procedures to ensure efficient and effective early warning systems, including fit-for-purpose impact-based forecast and warning services;
(d) Advise the Association on the possible sources of technical and financial support;
(e) Engage the appropriate experts in areas such as integrated observing systems, the WMO Information System, hydrology, disaster risk reduction and service delivery;
(f) Serve as a forum for exchange of information on new developments in the science and technology of tropical cyclone observation, tracking and forecasting and disaster prevention and preparedness activities appropriate to meteorological and hydrological services in close coordination with the Commission for Observation, Infrastructure and Information Systems, the Commission for Weather, Climate, Water and related Environmental Services and Applications, the Research Board and other relevant WMO bodies;
(g) Encourage Members to adopt measures to mitigate the potential harmful impacts of tropical cyclones;
(h) Foster cooperative efforts of WMO and other international bodies in those aspects of tropical cyclone disaster preparedness and prevention that can benefit from meteorological and hydrological assistance;
(i) Promote greater emphasis on training activities through the provision of appropriate facilities and financial support as necessary.

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