RA IV Hydrological and Water Coordination Panel

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Regional Association IV Hydrological and Water Coordination Panel
Terms of Reference:
(a) Assist the president of RA IV in ensuring that the hydrological contributions to the Region’s priority needs and activities are coordinated with weather and climate within the RA IV management structure;
(b) Track best practices in the operational activities of the National Hydrological Services in the Region, acting as a mechanism for the exchange of scientific and technical expertise;
(c) Develop a road map for the Region, implement the corresponding plan of action and contribute to its implementation at national level, based on Articles 9 and 18 of the WMO Convention;
(d) Undertake, under the guidance of the RA IV Management Group, activities that strengthen hydrological monitoring, service delivery and capacity-building;
hydrological inputs on the priority issues of the Association; and ensure linkage with the relevant meteorological and climatological activities within the Region;
(e) Liaise with the WMO Hydrological Coordination Panel and establish coordination with other regional associations and committees and expert teams of RA IV;
(f) Promote regional projects and contribute to WMO initiatives and report on their progress to the RA IV Management Group;
(g) Promote the commitment of the public and private sectors in matters related to operational hydrology;
(h) Define the agenda of the online RA IV Hydrological Advisers forums, held every three months, to share experiences, maintain the engagement of the hydrological community and promote its linkage with other WMO communities;
(i) Identify education, training and research needs and inform the corresponding RA IV focal points in order to assure proper interactions with the Capacity Development Panel and the Research Board;
(j) Liaise and seek cooperation with appropriate scientific, technical and development organizations such as the International Hydrological Programme of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization; the United Nations Environment Programme Latin America and the Caribbean Office; the Regional Committee for Water Resources; the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology; the Global Water Partnership – Central America and Caribbean regions; and the Water Resources Centre for Central America and the Caribbean;
(k) Submit to the Management Group, no later than May 2021, a road map (and corresponding work plan) for 2021–2023, including proposals for the establishment of special teams and their mandate taking due account of the activities described in the RA IV Operating Plan, as well as an annual progress report.

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