MHEWS Concept - Reference Material (for ET-MIE)

- Resolution 15 (Cg-18) - Strengthening multi-hazard early warning services in areas prone to all flooding types and severe weather

- Independent Review Reports (Part A):    CIFDP Review Report; FFGS Review Report; and SWFDP Review Report

- Consolidated Report (Part B):    Concept for an integrated MHEWS for FFGS, CIFDP and SWFDP

- List of Members of Expert Team on MHEWS Interoperable Environment (ET-MIE) with their expertise and affiliation with other SCs/ETs (as of September 2021)

Terms of Reference of ET-MIE (as of May 2021) 

ET-MIE Meeting Reports:

Report of the First Meeting of ET-MIE (ONLINE, 23 November 2020) 

- Report of the ET-MIE-2 (ONLINE, 20 May 2021) 

Report of the ET-MIE-3 (ONLINE, 15-16 September 2021)

CIFI related reference documents and material:

- One stop shop for all CIFI / CIFDP related material and documents including CIFDP Independent Review Report (October 2018) (Part A), Implementation Plan (2017 version), CIFDP brochure (4-pager), meeting reports and articles etc. 

- WMO Competency Framework (including for Marine weather forecasters)

FFGS related reference documents and material:

- FFGS Independent Review Report (December 2018) (Part A)

- FFGS Global Workshop (Antalya, November 2019) - Final Proceedings

- FFGS Sustainability Strategy Draft Document (August 2020 version)

- Roles and Responsibilities of NMHSs in FFGS  

- Roles and Responsibilities of Regional Centers in FFGS 

- A brief example of Concept Note (FFGS for Solomon Islands and Vanuatu - August 2019)

- WMO website links for FFGS (WMO public website and old website)

- Integrated  Riverine Flood Forecasting System - Dominican Republic (Presentation)

SWFP related reference documents and material:

- SWFDP Independent Review Report (November 2018) (Part A)

- Final Report of the last meeting of the Steering Group for SWFDP (Pretoria, October 2019)

- SWFDP overall plan (2010 version) guidebook (2016 version)

- SWFP related all meeting reports

- SWFP web link on WMO Community Platform

- WMO Competency Framework (including for operational meteorologists and PWS forecasters and advisers)

TCP related reference documents and material:

Regional Tropical Cyclone Bodies

- Tropical Cyclone Operational Plans and Manuals

- Tropical Cyclone Forecaster Competencies 

Additional reference material (best practices, presentations, articles, publications etc.):

- An Example of MHEWS interoperability - Dominican Republic (Presentation)

The Global Flood Awareness System (GloFAS) (It has been fully operational as a Copernicus Emergency Management Service since April 2018)

South-East European Multi-Hazard Early Warning Advisory System (SEE-MHEWS) (A WMO project funded by USAID/OFDA & WB/GFDRR)

- Multi-hazard Early Warning Systems - A Checklist (Outcomes of the first Multi-hazard Early Warning Conference (Cancún, May 2017))

- A Value Chain Approach to Optimising Early Warning Systems (draft article)

- WMO Guidelines Multi-hazard Impact-based Forecast and Warning Services (WMO-No. 1150, 2015)

- Manual for Operationalizing Impact-based Forecasting and Warning Services (IBFWS) (2021) (developed for Viet Nam but useful reference for other countries)

Impact Forecasting to Support Emergency Management of Natural Hazards (2020) (An article published in Reviews of Geophysics 58(4))

- Guidance on Integrated Urban Hydrometeorological, Climate and Environmental Services (Volume I: Concept and Methodology) (WMO-No. 1234, 2019 edition)

- Forecast Verifications for the African SWFDPs (WMO-No. 1132, 2014)

- Manual on the Global Data-processing and Forecasting System (GDPFS) (WMO-No. 485, 2019 edition)

- Guidelines for Nowcasting Techniques (WMO-No. 1198, 2017 edition)