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Following the strategic objectives of the World Meteorological Organization related to establishments and maintaining of the Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems (MHEWS) in its Member states, WMO together with its partners and Members is active in designing, upgrading and/or making of operational
OSCARSurface video tutorial
Dear WIGOS community, We are pleased to announce that two new tutorial videos on OSCAR/Surface have just been published on Vimeo. With many thanks to Luisa Ickes (WIGOS consultant) and several Secretariat colleagues, the new tutorial videos on OSCAR/Surface have been produced to address the recently
The 2021 Safety Report of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) was published in April 2022 and is available for download here. Through his involvement in IATA's Accident Classification Task Force (ACTF), Head of WMO's Services for Aviation Division, Greg Brock, directly contributed to
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Regional Forum on Sustainable Development, convened annually by the UNECE, is a key platform at the regional level for policy debates, exchange of good practices and peer learning on Sustainable Development Goals' implementation. The 2022 UNECE Regional Forum on Sustainable Development aimed to
On 10 April 2020, during the onset of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Services for Aviation Division of WMO launched a webpage containing preliminary guidelines to support aeronautical meteorological service providers in their response to the pandemic. With effect today (1 April 2022) this
IOM-Report No. 136
Generic Automatic Weather Station (AWS) Tender Specifications is a set of documents intended to support the tendering process for AWSs. It aims at guiding NMHS and other stakeholders to ensure their requirements align with international best practice, and helping equipment vendors to provide
Guidelines on Seasonal Hydrological Prediction
The Guidelines on Seasonal Hydrological Prediction have been published! Information presented in the Guidelines will assist with planning and development of hydrological outlooks by NMHSs and WMO Members, as WMO is aiming to assist to develop their capabilities to deliver water information services
SWCEM Newsletter Issue 6, March 2022
The SWCEM Newsletter Issue 6, March 2022 has been published.
WMO Members Profiles example
A six-month long data collection campaign in WMO has resulted in 123 digitalized Member Profiles, hosted on the WMO Community Platform. In 2019, the Community Platform launched as an environment for collaboration and information sharing, with a more integrated view on activities taking place across
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International Monsoons Project Office (IMPO) launch celebratory event, 28 Feb. 2022 at 13:00 UTC The World Climate Research Programme (WCRP), the World Weather Research Programme (WWRP), and the International Monsoons Project Office (IMPO) cordially invite you to an online event celebrating the