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Planning and monitoring

WMO Risk Management Policy The WMO Risk Management Policy builds on the Organization’s Standing Instructions, codes, regulations and rules, together with relevant existing policies, in defining the processes to manage the risks facing the Organization. It is focused on the management of risks
2020-2023 Key Performance Indicators Download 2020-2023 Key Performance Indicators 2020 Baselines of Key Performance Indicators Download Baselines for Long-Term Goal 1 KPIs Download Baselines for Long-Term Goal 3 KPIs Download Baselines for Long-Term Goal 4 KPIs Download Baselines for Long-Term Goal
The process WMO’s strategic and operational planning is built on the results-based management concept established by the fifteenth World Meteorological Congress as fundamental for managing the planning, budgeting, implementation, monitoring and reporting of WMO’s programmatic work. The WMO planning
Implementation of the Strategic Plan is facilitated by the WMO Operating Plan 2020-2023 which reflects the results chain towards strategic objectives and long-term goals and provides details on: Focus Areas / Outcomes Performance Indicators Outputs Milestones Activities The Annual Operating Plan