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Planning and monitoring

WMO Risk Management Policy The WMO Risk Management Policy builds on the Organization’s Standing Instructions, codes, regulations and rules, together with relevant existing policies, in defining the processes to manage the risks facing the Organization. It is focused on the management of risks
Results Framework 2020-2023 Results Framework 2016-2019: Expected Result 1 Expected Result 2 Expected Result 3 Expected Result 4 Expected Result 5 Expected Result 6 Expected Result 7 Expected Result 8 Reports Monitoring and Performance Evaluation Reports Summary of Performance Assessment Report 2016
The WMO Operating Plan is one of the components of the WMO strategic planning process and Results-based Management Framework and guides the implementation of programme activities aimed at achieving the Expected Results to realize the mission of the Organization as presented in the WMO Strategic Plan
The WMO Strategic Plan 2020 - 2023 can be found here The Seventeenth World Meteorological Congress (Geneva, 2015) approved the WMO Strategic Plan 2016-2019 which will guide decision-making by the Organization and its constituent bodies during the period 2016-2019. The Strategic Plan is the result of