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Hydrological Coordination Panel

1st Hydrological Coordination Panel Meeting, WMO, Geneva 2019

The Hydrological Coordination Panel is the WMO think tank on hydrology. It supports and advises on an integrated delivery of WMO water-related activities and undertakes preparatory work for the Hydrological Assembly, in relation to current and emerging scientific and technical water-related global challenges. The Panel integrates the hydrological work of WMO into the wider global water agenda, and supports and advises the EC Technical Coordination Committee (EC/TCC). 

The Panel works in accordance with the purposes of the Organization related to hydrology including but not limited to Article 2(e) of the Convention:

To promote activities in operational hydrology and to further close cooperation between Meteorological and Hydrological Services. 

Work in Progress

  • Strategy and Action Plan (Document for EC-72)
  • Decision 12
  • Rules and Procedure of HCP

Work concluded

  • Letter to hydrological experts