Joint Expert Team on Hydrological monitoring (JET-HYDMON)

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Terms of Reference

Note: This INFCOM SC-ON,  SC-MINT and SC-IMT Joint Expert Team is governed and coordinated by SC-ON, in collaboration with both others and SC-ESMP. 

The Joint Expert Team on hydrological monitoring (JET-HYDMON) shall ensure the coherence of the INFCOM hydrology experts’ contribution to the relevant activities of the Infrastructure Commission and its subsidiary bodies in an integrated manner in the spirit of the Earth System approach, preserving the hydrological value chain, and contribute the necessary infrastructure support to the relevant activities of SERCOM, in particular of SC-HYD.
Expected outputs:
Under the governance of SC-ON and the joint guidance of SC-ON, SC-MINT and SC-IMT, JET-HYDMON ensures:
- development of tools, guidelines, training material, and other documents and desired outputs of purely hydrological activities and tasks (e.g., measurement of river flow, sediment, groundwater, water quality, etc.),
- support others JETs (e.g., JET-OWR) that may have interest for hydrology expertise e.g. for the short term flash flood forecasting
- support to ETs of various SC, where subject is cross cutting across disciplines and demand for ad-hoc inputs from hydrological experts.
All this in accordance with the SC-ON, SC-MINT and SC-IMT Terms of Reference. 

Specific terms of reference:

The activities of the ET on hydrological monitoring will include the following:
• Review Technical Regulation Vol III Hydrology with respect to Hydrometry, develop its relevant Annexes (hydrometry and water quality monitoring), and develop other guiding materials on hydrological monitoring, including sediment transport, as needed.
• Guide WHOS and MCH implementation under SC-IMT and liaise with OGC for specific hydrological aspects.
• Supports the developments of the “status” component of the Hydrological Status and Outlook System (HydroSOS).
• Support SC- Observing Systems and Monitoring Networks to extend the Long-Term Observing Station (a.k.a. centennial stations) recognition mechanism to incorporate long-term hydrological stations.
• Supports the SC Data Processing for Applied Earth System Modelling and Prediction in cooperation with SC-HYD to oversee the review of the evolving role of existing hydrological data centres.
• Supports the monitoring-related methodology development of Water Resources Assessment.
• Represents INFCOM in the HydroHub Advisory Council (AC) and supports developments of HYCOS projects under the new WHYCOS Operating Plan. Liaise with AC and Research Board on the best way to integrate HydroHub innovation components into general innovation activities of WMO, especially SC-MINT.
• Contributes to further developments of Project X under SC-MINT.

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