Regional Activities

RA I Dissemination Expert Group

Following recommendations from the EUMETSAT User Forum in Africa and the WMO Regional Association I (Africa), the RA I Dissemination Expert Group (RAIDEG) was established by WMO in cooperation with EUMETSAT, as part of the strategy to improve satellite data accessibility and user awareness in developing countries.

The Terms of Reference of the RA I Dissemination Expert Group are to:

  • Collect, review and maintain requirements for access to meteorological and environmental data and products by NMHSs and partner organizations in Africa;
  • Analyze the requirements for satellite-based products expressed by African NMHSs, Centres of Excellence, Training Institutes and other environmental monitoring organizations in Africa making use of EUMETCast and GTS dissemination services; and
  • Make recommendations on the requirements for products and on the assignment of priorities, aiming at optimizing product dissemination through EUMETCast or the GTS.

The group performs a regular review of the EUMETCast-Africa Dissemination Baseline compared with the needs expressed by RA I users, and formulates recommendations to EUMETSAT. It also discusses other technical matters regarding satellite data utilization in Africa.

The group has held the following meetings:


Members Country Responsible for (Area/International Organization)
Maixent Kambi Congo-Brazzaville Central Africa
George Wiafe Ghana JCOMM
Nicholas Maingi Kenya Eastern Africa
Sarah Kimani (Vice Chair) Kenya  IMTR (CGMS VLab CoE)
Kumar Ram Dhurmea Mauritius Indian Ocean region
Tareq Soubai Morocco Northern Africa
Rachida Elouaraini Morocco DMN, CGMS Vlab CoE
Leon-Guy Razafindrakoto Niger ACMAD
Diakaria Kone Niger EAMAC/ASECNA, CGMS Vlab CoE
Lee Ann Simpson (Chair) SAWS CGMS Vlab CoE
Mouhamadou Kamara Senegal Western Africa
Nico Kroese South Africa Southern Africa
National Focal Points Country  
Makondjou Diane Laourou Bênin  
Georger Calvin Moti Cameroon  
Sarah Kimani Kenya   
Andrianambinina Raharisoa Madagascar  
Tareq Soubai Morocco  
Aristides Neves Domingos Mozambique  
Olumide Arike Olaniyan Nigeria  
Ahmed Hmam Tunisia  
Karen McCourt United Kingdom UK Met Office NWP model data for African NMHSs


Each NMHS has been requested to nominate national focal points for RAIDEG. Those that have not yet done so are encouraged to contact WMO in response to circular letter 03749/2019/OBS/SAT/RAIDEG_en, 03749/2019/OBS/SAT/RAIDEG_fr.

(Updated: 14 April 2020)