Joint Expert Team on Aircraft-based Observing Systems (JET-ABO)

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The INFCOM Joint Expert Team on Aircraft-Based Observing Systems is jointly managed by the Standing Committees on Earth Observing Systems and Monitoring Networks (SC-ON) and Measurements, Instrumentation and Traceability (SC-MINT).

Current, approved work plan of the JET-ABO (Version 2023.1A).



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Terms of Reference

Within the WIGOS framework and the auspices of the WMO Aircraft-Based Observations Programme (ABOP), under the governance of INFCOM and the joint guidance of SC/ON and SC/MINT, act as the WMO primary working group on aircraft-based observations and systems with responsibility to:
1. Oversee and coordinate the programmatic, scientific, and technical development and operation of aircraft-based observing systems (including AMDAR, Mode-S, ADS and other commercial systems), and of aircraft-based instruments and methods of observations;
2. Develop and manage the work plan and associated activities of the expert team, including the budget for associated expenditure of the AMDAR Operating Fund in line with its Terms of Reference;
3. Coordinate the development, scientific testing, validation and inter-comparison of existing and new methods of observation (including humidity, turbulence and inflight icing) for aircraft-based observing systems, as well as for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs);
4. Organize and conduct the development, maintenance and provision of technical standards and specifications associated with aircraft-based observations according to user requirements;
5. Collaborate with the aviation industry (including airlines, avionics vendors and applications developers and data service providers) and relevant international and regional organizations (including ICAO and IATA), on matters relevant to the work plan of the team;
6. Oversee the international and regional aspects of management of aircraft-based observational data, including:
a. Assist in the coordination of the development and implementation of the WMO-IATA Collaborative AMDAR Programme (WICAP), under the direction of its Governing Board and in collaboration with its Oversight Planning and Coordination Team and WMO Regional Associations;
b. Development and maintenance of the aircraft-based observations component of the WIGOS Data Quality Monitoring System; and
c. Development and maintenance of the Global Data Center for Aircraft-Based Observations.
7. Compile new and review, update and maintain existing regulatory and guidance material on aircraft-based observations and observing systems, including in particular, WMO-No. 8, WMO-No. 1160, WMO-No. 1165, and WMO-No. 1200;
8. Conduct and provide support for training and outreach activities of WMO, to support the development of aircraft-based observing systems and the use of aircraft-based observations;
9. Work in collaboration and cooperation with other teams within WMO on the above activities as appropriate and as necessary;
10. Report on issues, activities and progress to SC/ON and SC/MINT.

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