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Terms of Reference

The Team will collaborate to determine the most effective modalities of operation and develop a Work Programme for the period 2021-2024, guided by the following Terms of Reference:


Facilitate strategic communication within the regional and inter-regional meteorological and hydrological community to enhance engagement with potential partner institutions, advance research innovations through effective communication, elevate awareness of the socio-economic benefits derived from Hydromet services, and bridge the gap between scientific insights and policy decisions, while supporting regional business reforms.


In conjunction with relevant working groups and task teams, as well as regional and inter-regional entities, partner institutions, and established communication networks, the Strategic Communication Team will:
- Develop and seek approval for a Regional Strategic Communication Plan and provide ongoing support for its implementation.
- Organize and support strategic communication events, including scientific fora and dialogues focusing on science-policy interactions.
- Conduct outreach activities to promote regional weather, water, and climate-related priorities within the policy discourse.
- Participate in relevant annual workshops and provide regular reports regarding the status and progress of implemented activities.


The timeframe for the activities outlined above is set for the period 2021-2024, with the possibility of extension as necessary.

- Development and implementation of a regional strategic communication plan, incorporating regional campaigns.
- Production of strategic communication materials, including policy briefs, scientific reports, and publications.
- Organization of strategic communication events, such as scientific fora and dialogues focused on science-policy integration.

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