RA IV Expert Team on Services for Aviation

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Regional Association IV Expert Team on Services for Aviation
Terms of Reference:
(1) To work, in close collaboration with the Expert Team on Aviation of Commission for Weather, Climate, Water and related Environmental Services and Applications (SERCOM) and other partners and consistent with the implementation of the WMO Strategic Plan, to furthering the international standardization of meteorological services for international air navigation and to provide assistance to Members with aeronautical meteorological services to achieve compliance with those standards.
(2) To promote and facilitate, with Members of Regional Association (IV) (North America, Central America and the Caribbean) the exchange of scientific and technological advancement to meet evolving user requirements for high-quality, borderless, harmonized and cost-effective aeronautical meteorological information and services.
(3) To analyze, in collaboration with ET-CLI the impacts of climate change and variability, including extreme weather and climate events, on aviation operations on the ground and in the air and clearly communicate these impacts relevant stakeholders.
(4) To promote, with Members, the efficient and effective governance of aeronautical meteorological service provision through the development and/or enhancement of appropriate cost-recovery mechanisms, information and data exchange policies and good practices.
(5) To develop with Members and Regional Training Centres, guidance, training material and other educational/learning outreach to in the implementation of quality management systems and compliance with the competency and qualification requirements of personnel providing meteorological service for international air navigation.
(6) To enhance, through effective communication, outreach, regional collaboration and partnership in aeronautical meteorology amongst Members and their aeronautical service providers, aviation stakeholders and other partners.
(7) To provide advice, upon request, to Infrastructure Committee on the benefits of aircraft-based meteorological observations, including those derived through the WMO AMDAR programme, to improve services for aviation.

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