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Regional Association IV Management Group
Terms of Reference:
(a) Act as the High-level Task Team on the Regional Concept;
(b) Establish and monitor the implementation of the Operating Plan 2020–2023 for the Enhancement of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services in Regional Association IV, and provide the Association’s input to the WMO Strategic and Operating Plans 2024–2027;
(c) Establish and guide the structure, work and recommendations of the subsidiary bodies of the Association and to disband or reorganize these bodies as needed;
(d) Collaborate with the Secretariat on resource mobilization, advise on alignment of resources with regional priorities and implementation of the Operating Plan;
(e) Identify RA IV focal points for the following areas: disaster risk reduction, capacity development, education and training, and satellite data requirements; in order to ensure coordination with WMO programmes, regional associations and other organizations as appropriate, including strengthening of strategic partnerships with regional organizations, development agencies and other partners;
(f) Appoint an RA IV focal point on research and modelling to represent RA IV on the Research Board to ensure coordination between the research priorities in RA IV with the Research Board, and the WMO sponsored and co-sponsored research programmes, and liaise with the Standing Committee on Data Processing for Applied Earth System Modelling and Prediction.

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