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Regional Association II


Rules of Procedure for Regional Associations (WMO-No. 1241, 2019 Edition)

RA II Involvement in Technical Commissions and Research Board (please try a different browser if the page fails to display properly)

RA II Operating Plan 2021-2024 (Version September 2021, RA II-17 Phase 2)


Events & Meetings

Seventeenth session of the Regional Association II (RA II-17)

High-level Launch of the Report on the State of the Climate in Asia 2020
(The full report is available HERE)


Campaigns & Surveys

Data Collection Campaign 2021 (submit by 8 November 2021, contact for technical support)

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Input from Members for the Annual State of the Global Climate in 2021 (a year-to-date climate summary submitted by 17 September 2021)



Regional Association II (Asia) - Session reports

Results of the Survey on the Role and Functioning of Regional Associations (2021)