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Regional Association VI

About us

Regional factsheet:

  • 50 Member States in RA VI plus 1 Member State (Kazakhstan) with regional involvement
  • Over 110 Regional Specialized Centers
  • Collaboration with over 100 Partner institutions & over 20 UN agencies
  • RA VI Hydrological Assembly (strategic coordination)
  • RA VI Hydrology Forum (technical coordination)
  • RA VI Climate Forum 
  • RA VI Management Group 
  • Two RA VI High-Level Task Teams 
  • Task Team on further development of GMAS Framework
  • Three RA VI Working Groups

Regional Association VI - Structure, Involvement in Technical Commissions and Research Board 

Partnerships character ranges from comprehensive multi-year programmes, containing institutionalized cooperation procedure to more flexible work plans or specific activities, without a need to formalize the relationship. 

Key Performance Indicators on the implementation of the WMO Strategic Plan 2020-2023, searchable by Region

Interviews on policy and technical aspects relevant to the work of WMO Regional Association VI (Europe)