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Regional Association IV

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Regional factsheet:

  • 27 Member States and Territories in RA IV (22 of them having RA IV as the main region)
  • 22 Global Data-processing and Forecasting System Centres:
    • 2 World Meteorological Centres
    • 2 Global Producing Centres for Long-range Prediction
    • 1 Global Producing Centre for Annual to Decadal Climate Prediction
    • 1 Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre (RSMC) with geographical specialization
    • 1 RSMC for Tropical cyclone forecasting, including marine-related hazards
    • 3 RSMCs for Atmospheric transport and dispersion modelling (for environmental emergency response and/or backtracking): 2 Nuclear and 1 Non-nuclear
    • 5 RSMCs for Marine meteorological services
    • 1 RSMC for Numerical ocean wave prediction
    • 2 ICAO-designated Volcanic Ash Advisory Centres
    • 2 Regional Climate Prediction and Monitoring Centres
    • 2 RSMCs for Non-real-time coordination activities (Lead Centres for coordination of LRF verification and LRFMME)
  • Two Climate Outlook Forums (CACOF and CARICOF)
  • One Hydrological Outlook Forum (CAHOF)
  • RA IV Hydrological Advisers Forum
  • RA IV Management Group
  • 3 RA IV Committees (Hurricanes, Infrastructure and Services)
  • 1 RA IV Coordination Panel (Hydrology and Water)
  • 8 RA IV Expert Teams (Technical and policy advisory issues)  
  • 6 RA IV Focal Points


Regional Association IV: Structure and Involvement in the WMO Technical Commissions and the Research Board 


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