UAS Demonstration Campaign

World Meteorological Organization

Uncrewed Aircraft Systems

Demonstration Campaign

March - August 2024



As an activity of the WMO Infrastructure Commission WMO will coordinate the holding of a UAS observations campaign during 2024.

Possible Participants

Scope and Requirements of Participants

Read more, including the Aims of the Demonstration Campaign here.

Read a more detailed description of the campaign here.

UAS-DC Flyer

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Participants Meeting 4, 14 December 2022, 1400 - 1530 UTC

A fourth meeting to provide stakeholders & prospective participants with a status update and progress with the UAS-DC will be held on 14 December 2022, 1400 - 1530 UTC.

UAS-DC Operator Virtual Forum No. 2, 16 December 2022, 1500 - 1600 UTC

Please provide your proposed presentation ideas for this and future forums here.

Registration of Interest in participation in the WMO UAS Demonstration Campaign

Research and private industry interested in participating in the UAS Demonstration Campaign can complete a survey here. The results will be used to assist in plans for formulating the campaign and to keep in touch with interested parties. Undertake Survey

A survey of WMO Members is being undertaken and will be notified through official channels. This survey was requested to be completed by 31 October 2021 but will remain accessible and able to completed until end-December 2022. Please contact the Secretariat for the link if required.

(List of countries responded here.)

For contact about the UAS Demonstration Campaign, send an email to Email Contact
Email Subscription for potential participants and for those interested Email Subscription


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