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Resolution 3.2/3 (RA VI-18):


(1) To establish an RA VI Working Group on Research, composed of regional experts from academic institutions, the public sector, the private sector, experts from NGOs and research-oriented NGOs, and RA VI experts already represented on the WMO Research Board, to work in cooperation and collaboration with the Research Board and relevant bodies of the technical commissions, according to the following terms of reference:

(a) To follow up on the RA VI-related resolutions and decisions,

(b) To work in close coordination with RA VI representative of the Research Board,

(c) To keep abreast of the worldwide development of research-related matters and identify the aspects with regional implications, connecting global and national levels,

(d) To cooperate closely with the regional and inter-regional scientific bodies, as well as European framework programmes that support research and innovation, through different research centres, including the EU Joint Research Centre,

(e) To support the regional task team on the SDG’s contribution to the WMO collaboration with the regional UN sustainable development group with research and publications on the impact of water, weather and climate activities on the sustainable development of the region and the RA VI Member States.

(2) That the working group shall be composed of:

(a) A chair and a vice-chair,

(b) Task teams, as deemed necessary, with the task team leaders serving as core members of the working group,

(c) Other experts serving as associate members of the working group, as necessary.

(3) To designate Mr/Mrs _______, [Member State], as chair of the working group and Mr/Mrs__________, [Member State], as vice-chair, (To be updated during/after the session)

(4) To empower the RA VI president and the management group to designate the core and associate members of the working group, who should, preferably, be selected from the group of RA VI experts appointed to the Research Board (RA VI-18/INF. 3.2),

(5) To request the chair:

(a) To submit to the RA VI president, and the management group, a proposal for the composition of the task teams and their terms of reference,

(b) To agree on the modalities of work and submit to the RA VI president and the management group within four months, a work programme for the period 2021–2024 with due account being taken of the research needs related to priority actions identified by the association,

(c) To provide an annual progress report and a final report at least three months before the nineteenth session of the association,

(d) To follow up on RA VI-related resolutions and decisions.

(6) To invite Members:

(a) To nominate scientists, with due consideration of a balanced representation of scientists from the public, private, academic and non-governmental sectors, who are committed to serve actively in the work of the working group, with due attention being paid to gender balance and sub-regional balance,

(b) To support the activities of the working group.

(c) To actively support the work of the RAVI Teams and groups, particularly with the experts who are members of the Research Board.

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