NMR Nowcasting-4




Working Group on Nowcasting Research Committee Meeting
(Biosphere, Environment Canada, Montreal, 14-15 August 2014)




Thursday 14 August 2014

1. Integrated Nowcasting for Central Europe: INCA-CE
Yong Wang

2. FROST14
Paul Joe

2a. Perfomance of the WWRP project FROST-2014 forecasting systems: Preliminary assessments  (FROST = Forecast and Research in the Olympic Sochi Testbed)
D.Kiktev, E.Astakhova, A.Muravyev, M. Tsyrulnikov

2b. FROST 14 - List of most interesting cases during the Olympics/Paralympics

2c. FROST 14 -Subjective Evaluation of forecast technologies by Sochi forecasters -
Outcomes of the survey

3. THORPEX High Impact Weather (HIW)
Jenny Sun, Jian Jie

4. EUMETNET - European Cooperation on Nowcasting
Yong Wang, Marianne Koenig

5. MSG Nowcasting Applications
Marianne Koenig

6. Heuristic Probabilistic Forecasting Workshop
Alan Seed, Isztar Zawadzki

7. GOES-R Nowcasting Initiatives
Steven Goodman

8. Joint Nowcasting-Mesoscale Meeting
Paul Joe

9. WGNR Rio Meeting Decisions-Actions
Augusto Pereira


Friday 15 August 2014

Augusto Pereira

2. SREP - Sydney 2.5 km NWP
Alan Seed

3. Lightning Nowcasting and Short-Range Forecasting at NOAA
Steven Goodman

4. T-NOTE Workshop
Paola Salio

5. Guide to Nowcasting (discussion)
Li, Yong

6.  Pan American 2015 Games
Paul Joe

7. Aviation Research Demonstration Project (AvRDP)
Ping-wah Peter LI

Steven Nesbitt, Paola Sailo

8a. RELAMPAGO - 15 aôut 2014- Remote sensing of Electrification, Lightning, And
Meso-scale/micro-scale Processes with Adaptive Ground Observations

Steven Nesbitt, Paola Sailo

9. Lake Victoria Basin_Hydroclimate to Nowcasting Early Warning Systems Consortium

Paul Joe

9b. LVB-HyNEWS Consortium

9c. The LVP Part of LVBHyNEWS
Paul Joe